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 Hazrat Shah Jalal(R.A),Bangladesh

Hazrat Shah Jalal(R.A),Bangladesh

Visal : 746 AH (1347 A.D)

Hazrat Shah Jalal (R.A)was a great Wali Allah of the Naqshbandi Silsila, and is the most celebrated personality of the region of Sylhet, Bangladesh. Hazrat Shah Jalal’s influence commands great respect from Muslims of the Indian subcontinent and is regarded as a national hero by the people of Bangladesh.

 Hazrat Shah Jalal's name is also associated with the Muslim conquest of Sylhet, of which he is considered to be the main figure. His place of burial is in Sylhet, and this Mazaar Sharif is visited by hundreds daily.

 Early life and education

 Born Makhdum Jalal Uddin bin Mohammad, he was later known as Sheikhul Masheikh Hazrat Shah Jalal al-Mujarrad (the last name means "the bachelor", on account of his celibacy).

Hazrat Shah Jalal's date and place of birth is unclear. Various traditions and historical documents differ regarding this. However, a number of scholars claim that he was born in 1271 in Konya, Turkey, and later moved to Yemen either as a child or adult, while others contest he was born in Yemen.

He was the son of a Muslim cleric, who was a follower of the great Sufi saint and Persian poet, Hazrat Jalaluddin Mohammad Rumi.

However, Hazrat Shah Jalal lost his parents in his childhood and was brought up by his maternal uncle, Hazrat Syed Ahmed Kabir(R.A), who was a very pious man.

 Hazrat Shah Jalal was educated and raised in Makka by the same uncle. He excelled in his studies and soon became a Hafiz (one who memorises the Holy Qur’an) and was proficient in Islamic theology.

 Hazrat Shah Jalal was a disciple of Sayyid Ahmad Yesvi. He achieved Kamaliyat (spiritual perfection) after 30 years of study and meditation.

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