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Hazrat Abul Hasanat Syed Abdullah Shah Naqshbandi Quadri (R.A)

Dargah Hazrat Syed Abdullah Shah Sahab(R.A)

Urs - E - Shareef on ,6th Zilhajja

Abul Hasanat Syed Abdullah Shah sahab Naqshbandi Quadiri popularly known as Hazrat Abdullah Shah Sahab, was one of the celeberated scholars of Islam and spiritual reformer. He is more particularly known as a Muhaddis (one who specializes in Hadith literature), honorifically as Muhaddis-e Daccan (the Muhaddis of Daccan) in the Islamic Circles of knowledge all over the world. A prolific writer of Islamic Sciences, he wrote extensively on Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence) and compiled his best-known work Zujajat al-Masabih in five-volumes. A unique and comprehensive collection of Hadiths(Ahadees) pertaining to the Hanafi School of Law, the book is considered a magnum opus in Hadith and Fiqh literature. An erudite Mufassir (Qur'anic exegite) and expounder of other Islamic religious texts, he was more importantly one of the most celebrated Sufis produced by India in the 20th century. He is popularly considered to be one of the Saint scholars among the masses of South India, particularly, Hyderabad.

 The Hazrat syed Abdullah shah sahib R.A was born in Husaini 'Alam, Hyderabad, on 10th of Zi'l Hijjah, 1292(A.H) or 6th of February 1872 (A.D). His father was Mawlana Syed Muzaffar Husain Ibn Syed Yaqub of Naldrug. Since the migration of his ancestor, Hazrat Syed Ali, this family has been the recipient of land grant from Adil Shah I, the ruler of Bijapur. The daughter of Hazrat Gul Badshah was his mother.

Iin the form of adult education. Most of his audience consisted of elite and common people. He began his teaching career at the mosque named Ali Aqa at Husaini Alam, Hyderabad.

n keeping with the traditions of the then society, this young hazrat syed Abdullah shah sahib didn't attend any formal school for his education and training. He received his elementary education and lessons in Persian from his father; Logic and philosophy from Mawlana Mansur Ali Khan; the Qur'anic sciences and other subjects from Shaykh al-Islam Hafiz Anwarulla Khan Faruqi R.A., the founder of Jamia Nizamia, jurisprudence from Maolana Habibur Rahman Saharanpuri, and the science of Hadith and literature from Maolana Hakim Abdur Rahman Saharanpuri.

TEACHING: Even while a student, he started teaching, in both formal and non-formal ways. At times this was

At first Hazrat syed Abdullah Shah R.A became the disciple of Hazrat Miskin Shah R.A a famous Sufi of Hyderabad,A.P, India.

Later, on the death of the latter, he approached Hazrath Syed Muhammad Badshah Bukhari R.A, popularly known as Bukhari Shah Sahib, who was a renowned spiritual personality of that time. The latter practiced both the Quadiria and the Naqshbandia Sufi Tariqahs or paths.

So long as his spiritual mentor was alive, whatever the climate would be, he would see him on daily basis walking about 4 miles to serve him in his mid-night special ritual prayers, the Tahajjud, assisting his spiritual master in performing the ablution and other prayer rituals. This practice went on for about 20 years until the death of Syed Badshah Bukhari R.A. During the life-time of his spiritual master, Hazrat Abdullah Shah did not like to have his own spiritual disciples Murids. The number of disciples Murids in his own life time, however, reached in hundreds and thousands. He consistently followed the Hanafi school of jurisprudence and the practices of his spiritual master by initiating his disciples both in the Quadria and Naqshbandia Orders.

PREDICTION OF HIS OWN DEATH:When his contemporary Shaikh Hazrath Syed Muhammad Badshah Husaini died on 25th August, Hazrath Abdullah Shah predicted that he too would leave this mortal world in two days. His prediction came true. With his death on 18th of Rabi' al-Thani, 1384 A.H or 1964 A.D, at the age of 92 years, the world lost a great spiritual leader and an eminent scholar. The funeral procession was the largest of its kind in the history of Hyderabad, attended by more than two hundred and fifty thousand people. He is buried in Naqshbandi Chaman, Misri Gunj, Hyderabad.

Works: Apart from Zujajat al-Masabih, he has written various books on diverse subjects, right from Salaat to Sulook. The following is a list of his works:

1. Fazail Namaz- On the excellence and blessings of Salaat.
2. Yousufnama- Known as Guldasta-e-Tareeqat as well. This is an exegesis (Tafseer)    of the Surah Yousuf of the Holy Quran.
3. Qiyamatnama- On the trials and tribulations of the Day of Judgment.
4. Merajnama- On the heavenly journey (Meraj) of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W)
5. Miladnama- On the Milad of the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam)
6. Gulzar Auliya- A brief introduction of the Elders of the Naqshbandi order of   Tasawwuf.
7. Mawaiz Hasana, Volumes 1 and 2- The sayings and teachings of Hazrat Muhaddis-e-Deccan.
8. Suluk-e-Mujaddidiya- A treatise on the teachings of the Naqshbandi Mujaddidi order of   Tasawwuf.
9.  Fazail Ramzan- On the excellence of the month of Ramzan.
10. Kitab ul Muhabbat- A treatise on the love of Allah SWT.


Mazar-e-Mubarak Hazrat Syed Abdullah Shah Sahab(R.A)


Hazrat Yahiya Pasha(R.A),Misrigunj,Hyderabad  


Dargah Hazrat Yahiya Pasha(R.A),Misrigunj,Hyderabad  

Urs - E - Shareef on 3rd, 4th and 5th day of Safr Al Muzaffar

Qutub-e-Deccan Hazrath Syedna Yahya Pasha Qibla (Rh.) was the second son of Qutub-ul-Aqtab Hazrath Syedna Khaja Mohammed Siddiq Mahboob Allah (Rh.). Hazrat Yahya Pasha (Rh.) was born in Hyderabad on the 23rd day of Safar 1303 Hijri. He had his early education under his reverend father. After his father’s demise, his mother, the daughter of Syed Shah Shaikun Ahmed Shuttari (Rh.) decided to migrate to Madina Tayyaba. He went with her and studied there for two years in Madrasa-e- Faqria. He came back to Deccan and got his further education under the eminent scholars of his times. He acquired spiritual knowledge from his elder brother Hazrath Syed Mohammed Osman Hussaini Fayeq (Rh.), who also accorded Khilafat to him. After the death of Hazrath Syed Osman Hussaini (Rh.) he became his successor (Sajjada Nasheen).


A quick glance at this great saint’s education shows that he had his formal education under the great interpreter of Holy Quran Hazrath Moulana Syed Shah Omer Hussaini (Rh.), the author of Tafseer-e-Qadri.


He had his school education from famous school of times Darul-uloom. He got his Moulvi and Aalim degree from Punjab University. The knowledge of interpretation of Holy Quran and Ahadith (Sayings of Prophet Mohammed SAW) he had from his cousin Bahrul-uloom Hazrath Allama Moulana Mohammed Abdul Qadeer Siddiqui (Rh.). He also learnt martial arts from him.


He was an able calligrapher. He was an expert, particularly in two types of writing ‘Nusq’ and ‘Nastaleeq’ (Persian and rounded spherical writings).


He was a poet as well. Hazeq was his pen name. Unfortunately, most of his poetical works are not available, whatever is left is already published and the collection of his poems is called “Anwar-e-Ghaib”, which includes praises of Allah SWT, Prophet Mohammed SAW and saints (Rh).


Hazrat Yahya Pahsa Qibla (Rh.) was a pious, humble, benevolent, benign and recluse person. He used to wear simple clothes, ate simple food, lived in a simple house and lead a simple life, submissive to the will of Allah SWT. He was a strict follower of Sharia and Sunnah. He strictly urge others too to follow them.


Generally he used to sleep in the early hours of night, immediately after night (Isha) prayer and used to got up after 2’O Clock in the morning and busied himself in the worship and adoration of Allah SWT.


Generally he used to go by walk to his followers places. He never insisted on having a carriage. He walked miles and miles reading Allah SWT’s name. He walked up to Shamsabad and Golconda Fort. This shows his simplicity and piety. He disliked name and fame. He never wanted the news of Majalis and Urs to be published in newspaper and if anyone did he was enraged.


He was very disappointed with the downfall of Muslim Ummah in terms of their unattachment with Islam, their loose faith and unpragmatic attitude. He used to pray for them and asked others to pray for betterment and enlightment of Muslims.


He used to be very apprehensive during Police Action ( Indian Army's agression against Nizam of Hyderabad) days. When people inquired him he said: “Insha Allah, the city will be safe but I am scared that there might be bloodshed and Massacre in districts.” Therefore he organised special prayers after Morning (Fajar) prayer and after sunset (Maghrib) prayer in his mosque (Masjid-e-Noor). He indulged all his family members, his followers and the people of the locality for the special prayers called Khatam Shareef. Lastly he would finish it with a heart rendering prayer. And by the grace of Allah his prayers were fruitful and no one in Qazipura was arrested or harmed by the new Government.


He was neither a land lord nor a rich man but his whole life was dependent on Allah SWT and from his time until today in every Majlis and Urs there is food arrangement for all those who attend it.


During his life he came across a different sect of muslims called Najdis, who were attacking Sunni Muslims by names like Mushriks, Kafir etc. so “Noor-e-Hidayat” a celestial light indeed is an answer to those baseless allegations.


On the 4th day of Safar Al Muzaffar 1373 H (1953 A.D) this great soul departed. Every year on 3rd, 4th and 5th day of Safr Al Muzaffar his holiness Syed Yahya Pahsa (Rh.)’s Urs-e-Shareef is celebrated at Riyaz-e-Madina, Misrigung, Hyderabad in which thousands of people from far and near gather to pay tribute to this holy saint.

Mazar Mubarak Hazrat Yahiya Pasha(R.A),Misrigunj,Hyderabad  

Biography In Roman English

Hazrat yahiya pasha R.A 23 safar 1303 Hijiri ba wqte saher qazipura Hyderabad me tawallid huwe.apka naam syed gulam muhammed yahiya aam taour par yahiya pasha ke naam se mashhur they.app ka silsila-e-nasab walid aur walida mohtrama donaou taraf se hazrat imam-e-hussain alai salam se ja milta hai is tarah se aap sadat-e-hussaini se hai.aap hazrat syed khwaja syed muhammed siddiq mahboob ullah R.A al maroof hazrat khwaja miya R.A ke manjhle sahib zade they hazrat khwaja mahboob ullah jinka deccan ke mashhur buzrugan-e-deen me shumar hota hai.aap ki walida majida hazrata qamrunnisa begum be had neak som o salath ki paband tahajjud guzar khatoon thi.tabiyet me hamdardi aur eisar ka bahut mada tha.

Baiyet o qilafat;   Hazrat syed yahiya pasha r.a ko apne walid  hazrat syed khwaja mahboob ullah r.a se baiyet hasil thi .aur aap ke biradar buzrugwar hazrat syed muhammed osman hussaini r.a se qilafat hasil thi .jin ke jiddah me inteqal farmane k baad aap hazrat syed khwaja mahboob ullah r.a ke sajjada nasheen huwe.

 Aap ibteda se ishq-e-nabi s.a.w.s me doobe huwe they aap farmate they ke hazrat khwaja mahboob ullah r.a ke waqt mai 11 saal ka tha mai hazrat ke faraq me aksar ghamgeen raha karta tha. Ek raat maine khwab dekha k eek bada maidan hai beech me ek minbar rakha huwa hai aur kaha ja raha hai ke huzoor akram s.a.w.s raonaq afroz hone wale hai.thodi dear na guzri thi ke sawari mubarak raonaq afroz huwi aur maine dekha k minbar mubarak ke qareeb hi hazrat khwaja mahboob ullah r.a bhi adab se hath bandhe huwe khade hai. Sarkar ke minbar par raonaq afroz hote hi darban ne awaz di yahiya kahan hai bulwao sarkar yaad farma rahe hai mai farte masarrat se uth kar mibar ke qareeb pahuncha to hazrat khwaja mahboob ullah r.a ne mera hath pakad kar zeene par chadaya phir manadi ne awaz di ke sarkar sub ko hokum farmarahe hai ke sub ko ittela dedo k maine is bache ko le liya hai. Ye sunkar mai qushi se uchal pada aur neend se bedar ho gaya.

Hazrat Yahiya Pasha (R.A.) ka visal

Hazrat syed yahiya pasha qibla ne 4 safar 1373 Hijri 70 saal ki umr me dai ajal ko labbaik farmaya aur riaz madina misrigunj Hyderabad me aap ki tadfeen amal me ayi.


                         Harazt Shah Raju Qattal (R.A)Misrigunj Hyderabad,A.P,INDIA

Raoza-e-Mubarak Harazt Shah Raju Qattal (R.A)Misrigunj



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